Hopmonk Sebastopol Birdhouse Shrinker

20140418-075722.jpgI shrunk this birdhouse down in this photo with birdhouse shrinker app. #birdhouseshrinkerapp

It's an amazing photo aid that shrinks most birdhouses down by anywhere from 86 to 12 percent.

I'm so happy it's FINALLY released. I'm thrilled and honored that I got to be involved in the design process and-- full disclosure- I'm the Vice President of Birdhouse Shrinker App.

*actual results may vary* *We are not responsible if you shrink along with the picture* *We cannot make certain body parts grow or shrink* *nausea, dizziness, phlegm, frequent urination, itchiness, athletes foot, constipation, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, coma or death and trouble swallowing may be side effects.

I should have free app download codes available tonight at my Sebastopol show at The Hopmonk Tavern along with Shook Twins. I play at 9! Hopmonk