Holy Heck, it's August

20110802-020652.jpgWhere did the months of 2011 go? We're more than halfway through this wonderful year. The Padres are 14 and a half games out of first place. It's cool. There are other teams that are jockeying for position this year. I follow it daily. I look at all the highlights and lowlights and I enjoy it all. Sure, I grumble like an old man at the tv when they lose but then by the morning I've usually forgotten what it was that I was angry at. This has been a great summer for me. Today was my 18th consecutive day of Bikram and nothing can really get me pissed. I just want to jump in the ocean and chill the eff out. I'm reading Bob Dylan's book Chronicles and I drink every word like a thirsty hiker. Great detail and imagery and beautiful stories of a very interesting life of love and music and travel. Things are peaceful. All quiet on the western front.