Hoffee rhymes with Coffee

aa-me-and-hoffee.jpgI was practicing with Christopher Hoffee this week for Saturday's show and he had a triple shot of espresso mixed with vanilla and poured over ice cold coca cola. It's called a Vincent Vega. He wasn't even wired from it. In fact, he yawned. I had one sip and I was bouncing off of the walls and almost had an anxiety attack. Then we practiced songs and messed about on photoshop took the picture above and started a new country. Radio was fun this morning on KGB. Dave Shelly and Chainsaw are great hosts and let me go off like a crazy banshee. Same with Jeff and Jer yesterday morning. I like it when I get a lot of time to spin yarns and and sing songs. It's not such a bad life. I got my butt kicked in yoga today and I'm still feeling it. My friend little Tommy had me try The Bikram Yoga Mira Mesa location. Good sweaty times. The Padres are so bad this year that it reminds me of the old days when they were always bad. They got my hope up the last few years but this year they flat out stink. But I still watch the games and I still love 'em. In fact I'm watching them right now. Colorado 2 Padres nothing in the 3rd inning. We'll see... Hasta Luego, Me