Hiroshi the potter

hiroshi.jpgMan oh man! So much has happened since the other day. Where do I start? First of all, I need to thank Dennis' dad Dennis Sr. He took in this wayward musician and welcomed me in to the town of Elkton Oregon. I wiil post more photos later. The pic above is of a famous potter in Elkton who has one of the world's largest kilns. He does a firing only twice a year and it goes for 7 days straight. This thing was 1,000's of degrees hot. There were about 8 artists that were invited from all over to put their pots in the kiln. They all stay up for hours and take shifts and camp out and drink beer. I have never seen anything like this in my life. Hiroshi gave me the bowl I am holding and it is now my favorite cereal bowl. I played guitar for the potters at about 1 in the morning. Dennis' dad got me gig at a winery in Elkton, Oregon called Branborg Cellars. It was so much fun playing for the locals and sampling the vino. Order the Pinot Noir by the case. You won't regret it and you will become a better citizen of the planet earth. His father grows his own tomatoes (among other things) and everyone seems to give him farm fresh eggs. There is nothing like an organic omlette dude. My friend Vinnie Cilurzo owns a brewery in Santa Rosa Ca. and last night upon my arrival after 11 grueling hours driving down from Oregon he had a pizza waiting for me at his new restaurant The russian River Brewing Co. He had both baseball games on and I was in heaven. His new beer is called Little White Lie named after a song me mum taught me. I taught Gregory Page this song when we were in The Rugburns and I will sing it with him next Friday at my show at Sycuan Casino. But back to the beer... Track it down. Russian River Brewing Co. Order your local tavern to carry it. Demand a change dammit! I have many more pics to post! NEW YEARS EVE WITH THE RUGBURNS! STINKY JUST CALLED AND IT IS OFFICIAL. BELLYUP TAVERN SOLANA BEACH. GET YOUR TICKETS TO SAN DIEGO NOW. See ya in San Francisco tonight. Reno Poltz