Hi Llama riders!

baseball2.jpgposter by jimmy baldwin Are the insides of your thighs chapped? Do your ankles ache? Do your shoes smell like llama poo? You very well could be suffering from llama boy/girl-itis. It's good to be off the road. I went to the movies and saw Superbad. It was supergood and funny like knee slapping funny. Popcorn flew out of my nose mixed with diet pepsi. Didn't Jimmy Baldwin nail it with this poster for my upcoming Dallas gigs? He came up with the Corona ad where the guy sitting on the beach throws his pager in the water. He's smart like Einstein. He's Gore Vidal smart. He bought a ranch in Texas and his wife teaches yoga. My goodness, it's hot here today. The dog days of summer. Hotter than 2 bare feet walking on coals at a Tony Robbins seminar. Hotter than a marathon runner's crotch. Hot as a toaster oven glowing orange/red like Halloween lights. Hotter than a mouthful of pure wasabi. I'm talking hot as an exploding molotav cocktail. I need a breeze. Please, S