Hi! It's me and I'm an old man now

moldie.jpgYes it's true. I'm an old man now. And I'm a bad, bad man. I've ignored my blog like it's a stinky fishwife. Why would a drunken fisherman leave his wife? She stood by his unreliable side for decades. He turned his back on her for Twitter. Now I'm old and lonely and I want my blog back. Like a shameful hungover husband I crawl back in bed beside this blog and I ask for frogiveness. I throw myself in front of the mercy of the frogs that run this world and I scream " I need frogiveness. I need frogiveness. Ribbet! Ribbet! " Help me! Soylent Green is people. soylent.jpg The world is getting to be a better place. Can you feel it? I feel good and tingly like a lottery winner. All because Tom Waits has a newsstand in Nelson BC. waits.jpg This guy wins the award for best hair ever in the whole wide world. I went on a search and I finally found the winner. hair.jpg I love you all. More later after you frogive me. frog-1.jpg