Hi from Tejas

20110702-044026.jpgHi Everybody, I'm having a sweet time in Texas. It sure is hot out in this neck of the woods. I hope you're ready for a beautiful Fourth of July weekend. I spent Canada Day yesterday in Athens Texas. What a fun show and a beautiful town of people. I can't wait to come back. I met a really cool man named Randy who is an auctioneer. We had a heck of a time singing songs and talking about life. I sang my heart out and people laughed and sang along. Things are looking good for the show tonight in Mineral Wells. I'm getting excited. My room at the ranch has Mexican blankets for curtains and I'm really digging the style. I like the way the light pours in like God's giant flashlight telling me to go sound check. I'm at The Double J Hacienda and things are looking up. Cheers? Steve