Hey you guys, I’m the real Steve!

nicesteve.jpgI am the real Steve. The guy that wrote that stuff yesterday only exists in my mind. He isn't real, o.k.? I live in a space ship near Pluto. I hate it when that other psycho Steve writes about the devil and stuff like that. My spaceship is patrolling right now overhead. I see you guys and what you're doing and I'm telling Santa Claus about it. I love living in my rocket ship. It is just me and my dog Michael. I taught him how to steer so I am able to take cat naps. The only problem is that when I take a cat nap my dog thinks I am actually a cat and he growls at me the whole time. Needless to say, I am exhausted. Perhaps I can learn how to take dog naps or something. Plus, I am allergic to cats so whenever I take a cat nap I have take a benedryl or allegra. These pills make me sleepy and now I am hoing to rest and let Michael the type the rest of this message. RUF Ruff bow wowow wow grrrrrrrrr ruff ruffffff grrrrrrr mmmm rrrrrrruffff grrrr bowwww woooooowww RUFFFFF!!!! xxo x mIiikel