Hey- this ain't The Carleton in Halifax Nova Scotia

20111204-124320.jpgMike Campbell and Mike Rhodes own one of my favorite clubs in Halifax Nova Scotia but this surely can't be it. Unless it's really gone downhill. Hey Cambo! How are you? Isn't it time for me to do another show? Last night we played Bury. It was sold out. Speaking of sold out, I've sold out of vinyl copies of Dreamhouse here in The UK. Getting more shipped out this week. The sound was amazing last night at The Met and I felt so comfortable up there on that stage. Met a bunch of cool people and the club mgr invited me back to play a show in the future. So I got that goin' for me which is nice. We are on the downhill stretch of this tour and I'll be home on Dec 21. My how the world seems to be spinning faster and faster. Today is Sunday carvery day weather. Yippee, Steve