Hey! Sweet Holy Poster Hamster Boy!

traveling_poster.jpgWe only printed up 200 of these sweet limited edition silk screened tour posters. We have them on the road with us. Just one more reason to buy a ticket and come see us play. Quit your jobs and give the middle finger to your bosses and follow us around the country. These beauties are suitable for framing. We're only charging 10 bucks for them at the gigs. 10 bucks? We must be crazy. That's a stupid price made up by people who obviously don't care about making money. Hurry, while supplies last. Must act now before time runs out and there are no more posters. No more posters anywhere. A global drought just like we were warned about. A sad sad world without posters. Happy Valentine's Day Here's a poem I made up: Love is patient like an inmate in a mental ward Love is kind of crazy love does not put on air supply's greatest hits in van full of cynics for love is blind and drunk as a just released jail bird in a whorehouse with a fist full of hundred dollar bills yours truly, Steven or you can call me Joe