Hey Mister, what's behind that door

20110702-115328.jpgAre there coyotes in the bathtub drinking gin? British coyotes playing cards? Are there donuts with sprinkles that ask to be eaten? I think behind that door there is a parallel universe with another me playing a red guitar with a sound hole in the shape of a heart. If you reach inside the sound hole with a skinny wrist, you can almost feel the cool air from another planet and watch the little people dance for joy in a galaxy far far away. If you walk through that door you best be prepared to go it alone. Most of the county folk have either disappeared or quit trying to make a connection. Follow the light into the tunnel and things may never be the same again. "Hey mister, what's behind that door?" "There ain't nothing there but a world full o' trouble young whippersnapper." "I ain't a scared mister. I'm fixin' to to the other side. I want to see what's over yonder." "God speed child. God be with you." "I'll send you a postcard from the black hole. Say a prayer for me. I'll try to remember what you taught me about not giving pb and j sandwiches to people with peanut allergies. I love you old man." "Good boy. Remember that murder isn't funny."