Here in San Diego

20110719-063256.jpgHere in San Diego, California there are taco restaurants that will bring a beautiful tray of toppings for whatever kind of taco you order. You get to be the artist of your own taco. They'll make you some fresh corn tortillas while you sit and watch. Perfectly shaped steaming hot tortillas that you get to eat. Isn't life like a taco? Design that taco of a life any way you want. It's your destiny and you're order number twenty three. You want tofu? Beef, chicken or fish? Whatever you like baby. It's all yours for the taking. You just have to ask and send out the right electrons from your energy that you've already harnessed within. Put your best foot forward and everything will happen. You're really good at being you but who are you? Shhhhh- listen. Ahhhhh I hear you. You're like Walker Texas Ranger or Evel Knievel. You're Joni Mitchell with a dash of Frida Kahlo. You're a savory taco glimmering in a pool of fresh vegetables. I know you. Go get em tiger!