Hello Philly! Thanks Lyons.

IMG_2438.JPGWow. I was in San Diego a couple days ago. But last night I was in Lyons Colorado. I played Folks Festival and right when I started my main stage set it started raining and hailing. Amazing. People were running for cover like I was Godzilla from way up high. Finally after a torrential downpour of about 25 minutes the rain and hail just stopped. People started coming back to their tarps with the weary walk of trepidation. I had to lure them back with semi-sweet songs and let them know it was going to be ok. It all worked out in the end but for the first half hour I was struggling up there on that big old stage watching the heavens open up.

Now? Right now? I'm in Philadelphia! Just landed. Had to wake at 6am and hit the ground running to make it to the airport. So- hello Philadelphia Folk Festival! I play tonight at 11:30pm. Yippee! Have a sweet ish day.