Hello little hat

20140412-123454.jpgJust this morning this hat slid into a bar and hopped up and ordered an ice tea and a water and the bartender said "I think I know you. I wore you back in 2003 at an Amway meeting I attended in Boca Raton. I left you on the head of a woman from Tel Aviv who was a journalist covering the event for The Haaretz newspaper." The hat eventually ran away and hopped on the head of a man who had become a member of The Likud Party but eventually the man discovered marijuana and walked away from it all. The fellow got such strong weed that through osmosis the hat became permanently stoned and ended up sliding around Israel until a nice flight attendant from El Al brought him (if a hat can be a him) back to America. The hat hired a private detective and through a combination of DNA testing and hair follicles tracked down the original owner. I can't believe I got to witness this momentous event. I'm crying just watching the reunion. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever witnessed. After I snapped this picture the hat told the bartender that he would like to travel with me for a spell. It's not my hat, it's just my turn. It's my lucky day. Things are looking up. Drink up you thirsty little cotton mouthed hat. We have miles to go before we sleep.