Hello Kentucky

20110324-021725.jpgKentucky- I'm headed toward you like an out of control train. Clackety clacking down the interstate by your green hills and corporate chain stores dotting the highway. Your gas prices are lower than California'a but you don't have The Pacific Ocean. You do however have The Derby and mint julips and fancy hats and horny truckers high on speed. Bless your countryfied cracker barreled heart. I can't wait to see Thomas Flannery and hear his latest thoughts and eat some of Uncle Max's red eyed gravy and biscuits. Spring took a nap and let winter win today's tug o' war. My toes is cold and a hot cuppa tea feels good on my spider fingers. I'm headed north past graveyards and old battlefields and curious eyes peering from white picket porches while limp flags hang listless as if they're dangling from the greyest of grey skies. I have a wrinkled hundred dollar bill in my pocket and some loose change. For some reason I still have Australian and Canadian coins also in the same pocket. It's like I can't seem to rememberer to take them out and put them away. "are those coins in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" Kentucky -- I'm happy to see you.