Hello from Australia

20140603-055406-21246960.jpgThis picture is what I saw in the men's toilet as I peed in Brisbane. Seems like good advice.

I made it to Australia and actually slept 3 hours sitting up in my flight like a dead person with my legs cramped in to the chair I front of me in coach. Business class on Qantas costs about 3k more and first class is outta sight cost wise. But.... Now I'm 3 thousand dollars richer!

What did I do on my flight? I watched newest episode of the television show Fargo. I'm all caught up. Then I read a bunch of magazines I have on my iPad. New York, The New Yorker, The Economist, Rolling Stone, Mojo, Vanity Fair, Time, The New York Times (especially my favorite section: The Obituaries) then I watched 6 episodes of Ray Donovan and are some food and stretched.

Now it's 5:42 am and tonight I play a show in Brisbane Queensland Australia. I'm going to jump in the ocean and cleanse my mind.

Tonight at 8pm I play The Dowse Bar