Hello Cleveland! Happy Sunday Chillins

20110327-043431.jpgLast night in Indianapolis we gelled and it was transcendent. We played like a band and hit our marks. Things were good, we made the most of it. So nice to see so many familiar beautiful faces. Thank you for the love. Next stop Cleveland. Tonight at 8. Beachland Ballroom (tavern) Sunday night shows can be tricky so we need your love and support. Don't let me down. Don't let me down. It's sunny in Ohio and there's a chill in the air. My gloves are on call in the pockets of my winter coat and I just finished my driving shift. I'm sitting shotgun listening to Glenn Gould tickle the ivories and hum while he plays The Goldberg Variations by Bach. Our battery died this morning and triple A came out like the champs they are and got us back on the road. Modl is now driving and Stinky and Andrew are in the back eating the most amazing chocolate chip cookies that Brad's wife made for us. They're highly addictive and über habit forming. My San Diego Padres open the 2011 baseball season against Chris Modl's St Louis Cardinals this Thursday Mar 31 in St Louis. Spring has sprung and there's the kind of hope in the air that baseball fans feel at the beginning of each new season before injuries and losses slowly break their hearts. Are you feeling it? I am. There's about a week left of this leg of the tour and then we migrate west toward California. We've been grinding and I'm ready for some down time. My guitar Smokey Joe is being held together by duct tape. A 12 inch long crack is splitting his side wide open so I'll be heading straight to Taylor for some emergency surgery next week. He's holding up like a champ and Lord knows I'm a demanding master. Enjoy your Sunday- unless you're in Australia, then enjoy your Monday. Peace out SP