Hello Atlantic Ocean!

view.jpgThis is the view I woke up to in Virginia Beach this morning. It's kind of like where I live only it's on the other side of the room. Played a show last night at The Jewish Mother. I didn't expect to have such a good turnout. Saw Dana and Bill and Bill's hip. Yay! Whoa! A bunch of dolphins just swam by. I want to be a dolphin. ADD kicks in right about now. Mountain Stage in west Virginia was a hoot. I thought it would be broadcast live but it won't be on until May sometime. I'll let you know. After the show, all of the band went over to The Empty Glass in downtown Charleston West Virginia for a post show jam with the house band. I sang Gloria and rolled around on the ground. floor.jpg First I jumpedand then I fell. The other bands on the bill were The Belleville Outfit, Then me, then The Spring Standards and the Sometymes Why, and finally The Drive By Truckers. Here's a picture of Phoebe from The Belleville Outfit wearing the the new Steve P t-shirt design. phoebe.jpg These T's are now available on this here website in men's and women's sizes. American Apparel cottony shirts. Also available are live shows! Starting in Phoenix and still going strong. Order them and pretend you were at the show. We send 'em to our merch headquarters as we go. Sometimes I like to go to The American Apparel website and look at the models. I only do this when when I feel like no one is looking over my shoulder. My newest favorite website is called Stuff White People Like. That's all for now. I have to go to Delaware in my filthy white vw van. Peace be with you, Steve