20110702-062939.jpgHealthy Healtherson has arrived to play a show with The Healthettes. It just rained like crazy in the river of mineral water and I baptized my soul and even washed under my arms. My feet have tar on them but there ain't nothing I can do about that. I'm drinking this mineral water and I'm hallucinating. There are snakes on the ceiling and cats with wings flying circles in the sky outside my window. The cats have flags tied to their tails and the flags are flapping in the breeze and they only have one word written on them:--> HEALTH. I've quit walking because now I levitate and glide like an ice skater in mid-air. Plants are growing out of my ears and my teeth are now made of salt water taffy. I'm eating my own teeth and running with scissors on a sugar high. Don't try and stop me because there's no turning back. Health has arrived on a silver platter carried by simpletons on a mission to bring minerals to the listless masses. Yee haw! Git along little doggies. We have platforms to stand upon and vines to swing on. We have to yell crazy stuff from the top of our lungs from a mountain high. Watch out for the flying cats.