Headed to Scottt Land & The Telefunken M-80

20111118-105933.jpgI often say in song and speech that when people meet and fall in love they're like two little Achiltibuie Kippers bound in plastic wrap. Yeah Achiltibuie Kippers dreaming of the universe, constellations and big dippers. Freaky trippers with big fat lippers hooked together for a journey of epic proportions touching each others' nippers and using nail clippers. Ohhh the pain and the glory. Morning has broken and our little continues up to Scotland. We slept I'm a nice truck stop at the top of a mountain next to lots of huge lorry diesels humming a symphony of fossil fuel exhaust. At 5 am I had to pee so I got out of my very warm and cozy sleeping bag and peed in the freezing rain onto some already drenched bushes. Then all of a sudden a huge truck came flying by and honked at me as I got splashed by a huge puddle of asphalt laced water. Went back to sleep till 9. Feel like a champ today. I'm excited to see Edinburgh. I've never been there. I hear they have a castle or something. Last night we played Morecambe at The Platform. I did a very mellow set and had a sweet time. Modl has really dialed in my guitar tone and the finger picking sounds big in these rooms. But the real secret weapon is this new mic I'm using. I must give credit to Jason at Telefunken. He was at my show at The Belly Up before I left for The UK and he works for Telefunken and loaned their M-80 vocal microphone. Now I must tell you I'm not getting paid to say this. I just believe in giving credit to great stuff I use and this mic is amazing. So thanks for loaning me the mic Jason. Morecambe has a cool little Polish enclave with funky little stores and I had a nice stroll. The coast was chilly but beautiful.

20111118-114000.jpg Give me a body of water and a nice place to stroll and I'm a very happy dog. Especially if I can pee outside. Glenn bought a really cool accordion at an old shop he stumbled upon. It's a beautiful instrument.

20111118-114409.jpg Wow. We just entered Scotland. Woo hoo! This is awesome. You take the low road and I'll take the high road and I'll be in Scotland before you!

20111118-114916.jpg Gotta go. I can't understand these people. It sounds like they have marbles in their mouths. Peace out, Steve