Headed to New Orleans

20110321-122244.jpgGoodbye Texas. I hate to leave you. You're getting smaller in the rear view as I steam toward Louisiana. You've been a good friend but there are other states that need shows too. Besides, you and I will always be friends. You're Texas! You love music. I've made three records in Austin. C'mon! Don't cry. I'll be back. I promise.

I took the picture above of the ice cream vendor and then had the greatest conversation with him. He was wise beyond belief. I wish I had recorded him. He spoke of happiness, love, loss, regret and triumph. His eyes smiled and he looked right at you when he spoke. Then he was gone. I never saw him leave.

John Castro flew home to NYC today and he'll be missed. Dammit I love that guy. He added so much to the tour. He had to get back to work. A million thanks John. Sigh.....

Now we welcome to the tour Andrew Pressman! He plays a mean stand up bass guitar which I'm really looking forward to. I've never toured with a stand up bass before and it's always been on my list of things to do. This is going to a fun next leg of the tour.

Last night we played Mucky Duck and I'm still tired. Two shows! The kids show was a hoot and the adults show was a holler. I freaking love The Mucky Duck and their whole staff. They're family to me.

Tonight New Orleans. Hells yeah! I can't wait to eat some great big easy food and listen to some music. We go on at 9pm so don't be late. We are the first of three bands. Dash Rip Rock goes second and The Fleshtones are last. I get to hang out all night and have fun.

More nonsense later, love, Me