Headed to Melbourne 

  I was having breakfast this morning in Brisbane and this chicken walked up to me and goes- "Hey mate. I'm glad you're eating porridge. I'm a big fan of your music. When's your next show?"

"Umm. I didn't know chickens could talk. That's cool you're into my music. My next couple of shows are in Melbourne. What's your favorite song?"

"I really like that song you sing about breaking the yolks and making a smiley face. My friends think it's really offensive but I'm a twisted chicken and I love sick humor."

"What's your view on McNuggets?"

"Yuck! Vile proletariat food. I'm more into duck liver pate. I like knowing I'm eating my distant cousin's liver."

"Right on sista. Hope to see you in Melbs."

Next stop Melbourne.

Friday Oct 9 Caravan Club

Saturday Oct 10 Spotted Mallard