Headed to Des Moines

20120531-112736.jpgI'm up in the air right now headed to Des Moines Iowa. Technology rocks. I hope I see some familiar faces in good old Des Moines. I'm playing a couple really cool shows with The Nadas. I shall be carrying my new cd in my flight bag. However, I didn't bring that many because I'm very spacey these days. One day I'll get it right. Just not today. This is going to be a fun two night trip. Two shows in Iowa then I zip on back to San Diego. I'll rest one day in 2013. I have places to go and people to see and songs to sing and banks to rob and food to eat and hands to shake and food to eat and guitar strings that need to be strummed and heroin to smuggle into foreign countries and churches to take pictures of and flowers to smell and international weapons to be illegally traded on the black market and yoga to take and clean air to breathe and babies to smuggle in from China and zoos to visit and tomatoes to eat and avocados to grow and endangered species to hide in foreign countries and mountains to hike and rivers to inner tube on and planes to hijack refrigerators to peruse newspapers to scan poetry to read prayers to whisper meth to cook in abandoned desert shacks and letters to write etc.... See ya in Iowa.