Headed to Arcata. Monday night show

20120304-143304.jpgI had a sweet time in Paso Robles last night night. People drank wine and danced and sang along. Birthdays were celebrated. There was a Bacchanalian feast and everyone seemed happy. I slept on the sidewalk just like my days at The Hanoi Hilton. Yowza. Now I'm headed back north after heading down south. North south east west sideways perpendicular and every which way but loose. I'm everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I'm on an anthill and on a nest being fed by birds. I'm on a green grassy knoll and inside a treasure chest on the ocean floor. I'm walking to Jerusalem. I'm listening to Padres games on a transistor radio. Tomorrow night Monday I will be in Arcata at The Arcata Playhouse. See ya up north.happy day to you. SjjP