Have you guys seen this movie? The Artist?

20120104-070726.jpgI went in with a half a bad attitude about this film. The ratings were so high (98%) on Rotten Tomatoes that I thought the novelty aspect of a silent film was affecting people's reviews. But wow, was I wrong. I want to see it again. I didn't even think about the fact that it was black and white let alone silent. The movie is so riveting and the actors are beautiful to look at. It was ballsy to make this film and anyone who says there haven't been that many good movies in the last year needs to see this. It's a silent film but there is music and it takes place in 1927 right before talkies started to make their way into Hollywoodland. Right before the stock market crash. It's got a little bit of Star Is Born in it. I wish we could all go see it together. I don't want to give away too much so just go check it out and then let's discuss. After ten minutes into the movie you're both even thinking about the fact that you're watching a silent film. You're totally invested in the characters. I expect a four page written report on this movie on my desk by tomorrow morning. Chop chop. S