Have a nice day

20131018-072954.jpg7 hyenas chasing me down 7 routes, only these aren't normal routes; they're arteries. I've gotta make it to the heart but the hounds are snapping at my heels. We aren't talking friendly little love bites, they're rabid wide eyed salivating high-pitched growling snaps. I'm sweating and out of breath. No time to pray. I've become prey. I'm in someone's body and I can't make it to the ticker. Everything is a hazy shade of red and my goggles are leaking blood. Once I make it to the heart there's a woman who can lead me to safety. I was given her info by a man in a boat selling burritos near an artery inside the the thigh. I don't belong here. This is not how I'm meant to live and if the hounds catch me I'm toast. I can't perish inside a foreign body. I need air, I need the outside world, I need shelter and I need love. I see the heart ahead but one of the disease ridden spotted hyenas now has a hold of my ankle. I'm bleeding and my blood is mixing in a foreign lake of Type-A positive. Rejection letters are being immediately flown in by harried blood cell deliverymen. One of them pulls out a tranquilizer gun and misses the hyena and accidentally hits me in the back of the neck. Everything is in slow motion and I've fallen and the hyenas are now feasting on my ankles. I can hear them chewing on my bones and I'm screaming "Just get it over with!" when all of a sudden a speeding truck blows by with a knight dressed in full armor jousting at the hungry animals feasting on my bloodied bone marrow. He takes them out one by one with a sword and they're all now writhing in pain and running in all directions as much as you can when you're inside a vein. He throws me in the back of a truck that is filled with fresh flour and corn tortillas hot off the presses. I'm resting on the warm edible frisbees and they're making the most comfortable bed. I'm using them as bandages to help stop my bleeding. I'm delivered to the woman in the heart and she welcomes me with 7 loving arms. She tells me she's 2,000 years old and she knows a way out. She leads me up a secret nose canal to a tear duct and I slowly float out of the corner of an eyeball of a crying woman into a warm pool of salty tears. I slide down the cheek to a pillow where I'm resting my head. I'm now back to full size and freaking out on this crazy turn of events that I figure must have been a bad dream. I get up to take a leak and as I'm peeing I look down and notice drops of blood on the floor and I can see my ankle is bleeding. I look in the mirror and see a hyena in the reflection behind me making a very low pitched menacing growl.

Cue the screeching Psycho type violin music now.

Have a nice day.

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