Have 3 cups of coffee and call me in the morning

20120123-082313.jpgLet it flow through your veins and then make your decisions. Shit man, it's Monday and there are things we need to accomplish. There's a whole highway of super freaks and we need to connect the dots. We all need to somehow meet up. Let's have a festival. Festival of freaks and throw a ticker tape parade for only us. I have to start preparing because I have a show at The Belly Up Tavern on Feb 19. The Rugburns---yeah man--John Castro is flying out. Bob Schneider is playing a set. I'm playing so and with The Rugburns. Bushwalla will do a few. Gregory Page too! Shiza Minelli it's gonna be fun. But first I need more caffeine and then I can make better decisions. Yah mon. Irie S