Harrow Crickets Clubbing

Ok so I didn't end up quitting. I played last night in Harrow at The Harrow Cricket Club. There were actual crickets in the room. You could hear them. (Heheh - thank you I'll be here all week.) but seriously folks- Noival Boise Doive (naval base dave) put on the show. He's a legend and takes care of the grounds at cricket matches. He really understands cricket. He has his doctorate in cricketology.I had a sweet ass time and my tenor guitar got a bridge pin )thank you Sue Nichols) and a new string. People purchased Merch either because they felt sorry for me for my £130 quid taxi ride from Heathrow or because they thought I needed so lighten my load of Merch that I brought across the pond. Either way - thank you kindly. When I grow up I'm going to be a cricket player. I like this sport because they break for tea. How nice is that?

Last night I think the cricket club room where I played also doubled as a school. They had some language signs up. And then a really funny one asking folks to describe how things felt. Of course my junior high mind took those words and made up a song called "is it rough is it smooth what does it feel like dies it feel hard?" Ummmm what kind of school is this???


20130511-101948.jpg All in all it was a stellar night. I bought a new seersucker suit in London as I was walking along the streets. I bought it because I'm a sucker for seer. Because seer rhymes with pier and deer and fear and Norman Lear.

20130511-102206.jpg As you were, SjjPolcz