Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines DayI hope you have a beautiful day and you don't feel obligated to get me a valentine. Just knowing you guys is worth all the love that Fort Knox could ever hold. My life is rich beyond imagination. Richer than Richie Rich. You gave me the keys to the world and all of its hidden beauty. My pink valentine heart is overflowing with a red blood waterfall that makes Niagra look like the pee stream of a 98 year old man. Love is all we need yet love is elusive, conducive and effusive. I'm traveling today from Sault Ste Marie to Toronto to Denver to San Diego. I'll be up in the air all dayyyyy. Good grief, I will write and read and read and write and listen to podcasts of This American Life. I'll drink lots of water and a cup of tea and eat trail mix like I'm a squirrel. I arrive in San Diego tonight and I'm on the radio at 7:30am on Jack FM on The DSC Show. Then I Leave the radio station and head to the airport and fly to Memphis. Folk Alliance is a calling me.

So I wish you love and peace and more love and peace.

Oh yeah- I'm playing The Belly Up Tavern this coming Saturday. Come say hi! Yours truly, Steve

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