Happy Tuesday, Friends

20110510-085229.jpgWow, I love Washington, DC! What a sexy beautiful city. Monuments everywhere and an underground city and lobbyists and Senators and people buzzing about doing things. Me? I played a show to beautiful adoring audience of freaks to the nth degree. Maybe I was the only freak. Not sure. I have who a friend named Jin Mcintosh who is a Conservative lobbyist who writes wounded warrior health care policy. I am not a conservative lobbyist so right away we're completely different but we actually have lots of similarities. After my wonderful very long show at Iota last night he took me to a Korean day spa. We strolled in there at 3 am and sat in hot tubs and steam rooms and saunas and drank green tea. It was crazy because you walk around naked. So I like saying I was in a Korean day spa at 3 am with a Republican lobbyist. It sounds cool. Then at 5 am we went the store and bought 3 different kinds of cereals and I mixed and matched. We were laughing so hard until I finally fell asleep.

Now I'm about to walk into Voice Of America to tape a segment. Then I'm going to see The Orioles play at Camden. Hurrah!