Happy St. Paddy’s Day

poltz-corona-c.jpgToday I am going to go down to Mexico and finish off the contents of this truck and ride on the hood of a police car all the way back across the Tijuana border to the Casbah for tonight's big Rugburns show. Johnny Castro couldn't make it out from New York this week so I asked Gregory Page to play bass. He accepted the offer so this evening should be interesting. I spent many a month in my younger days with Herr Page and the rest of the 'burns travelling this crazy country. One time we were flown out to Cleveland and picked up in a limo and fed tons of italian food by the mob because one of the Godfathers' sons was a huge Rugburns fan. We were told if we didn't play Dick's Automotive that we would be strung up by our balls and beaten beyond recognition with 2x4s and thrown in a pit with rattlesnakes. Then I remember the time that Gregory got arrested in Arizona for not carrying a handgun on stage. (there was some weird law from the 1800s that insisted all bass players must carry a firearm while plucking a bass.) Who knows what will happen tonight. I hear that Jose Sinatra will be showing up ready to sing a duet. I am scared. I must now go to Tijuana to place March Madness bets and empty the beer truck. St. Steven McPoltz