Happy Saturday to you and New Banner by Neil Baffert

beautiful picture of Christopher Hoffee's dog Zorba New Sheen styleeee Banner up top by 16 year old Neil Baffert! Winning all the way. Thanks Neil. You rock supreme. Now--- Saturday Farmers Market Little Italy San Diego Fresh things. People watching. Sunny blue skies. Saw Winters Bone last night. Damn that's a freaky deaky movie with a touch of Deliverance thrown in for good measure. Without the squeal like a pig stuff. This is more of a backwoods trailer meth white trash Missouri kind of story. Good banjo bluegrassy music too. it's also a story about family and love. It's creepy and full of tension and even gas a little bit of Fargo gruesomeness tossed in. Great accents and killer attention to wardrobe detail. I didn't recognize any of the actors. I love it when I dint know any of the actors. It seems more real. Jennifer Lawrence and John Hawkes were both brilliant and now I see why they were nominated for Oscars.

I leave on tour this coming Thursday it all kicks off near Joshua Tree California in Pioneertown. Pappy and Harriets. Then Tucson and Phoenix Arizona, Albuquerque, New Mexico, San Antonio and Austin and Houston and Dallas, Texas and even New Orleans, Louisiana with Dash Rip Rock and The Fleshtones. Then Memphis and Nashville and Lexington, Kentucky and Columbus Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana and Cleveland, OHIO! Ann Arbor, Michigan and Minneapolis, Minnesota  then Krainzy's house in Port Washington, Wisconsin and then Fairmont and Evanston Illinois. I've been everywhere man. I've been everywhere.