Happy Saturday to You

Northern California somewhere on hwy1. Oh the things you'll see and the people you'll meet. Rocked The Crepe Place last night like an avalanche rocks a boulder. I rolled and rattled and rattled and rolled and my creaky right knee creaked and cracked and the cold air stayed outside while the warm crowd acted as a shelter from the biting cold outside the painted window. People were in the best moods last night. They were in the beer consuming mood. Drinks were flowing and I've never heard people sing along so loud. "kickin' and splashin' and pissin' and kickin' and guzzlin' and laughin' and 'BLOWIN' YOUR LOAD!'" It was so loud I had to repeat that stanza several times. Fun times indeed. The handmade posters were pretty cool too.

So now I try to sleep but head is a beehive and bees are buzzzzzzing so why sleep? Perhaps a walk is in order on this chilly morning. Thanks to Adam and The Crepe Place. Thanks to all the punters that braved the icy cool weather and all the sweet people that I met that drove looooong distances to commune-itize at a cool little rocknroll venue that doubles as a creperie.

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