Happy Nude Year folks

I went to the loo in Nashville last night and what oh what did I see? I saw a drawing that made me giggle and filled my heart with glee.

The bar was filled with music and joy they call this place the 5 Spot. I went back out and listened to tunes -from a girl- and then I thought.

I thought about all the times in the past I saw stuff scrawled 'bout Obama. I'd take a deep breath and let it all go like I was The Dalai Lama.

Now listen up right wingers this is your turn to grow some thicker skin. You've got the house and the presidency- the election you did win.

Your guy's in power come the 20th of Jan. -east coast time high noon. So I'll just piss in this toilet right here and laugh at this funny cartoon.

I'll never like him I'll never love him he can't be gone too soon. I fear he'll start a nuclear war and send this planet to ruin.

I loathe his face I loathe his voice he fills my heart with sadness. But all things must pass just like bad gas -in 4 years we'll be done with this madness.

Unless of course he wins 4 more and then we'll get lots of great art. But I gotta tell ya -this fake tan charlatan -stinks like a really bad fart.

I'm not too worried I have my guitar and a suitcase full of songs. I got a smile you can't take away and I got more rights than your wrongs.

So party on Garth and party on Wayne let's fill up this place with protest. We love our country so let's take it back let's make it our musical quest.

I know there'll be people who leave snarky comments on that we can all be assured. I ain't a scared I ain't afraid I still think Drumpf is a turd.

So leave all the hateful comments you want but please check your spelling at the door. I hate it when folks don't know the difference -between -you're - and - your.

Happy new year my friends. I love all of you - even if you voted for the loudmouth. We have more in common than we even know -remember the north and the south.

Some like flowers and some like guns and some like flowers AND guns. Some are hippies and some are queers and some girls just wanna have fun.

But I still believe most folks are good and they want to help out their brother. No matter the race no matter the religion we help out our sister and mother.

So let's all quote the Dalai Lama and not form too many factions. He said -Happiness is not something ready made- It comes from YOUR own actions.

So let's all take off our clothes and dance. Let's dance nekkid in the hall. I'll buy you a beer -you buy me a water and of course- Happy Nude Year to all!