Happy New Year!

It's almost 10 am here in Australia on New Years Day. I had a great night of music at The Peats Ridge festival in The middle of some crazy valley. I was supposed to play a 45 minute set but the band that was meant to go on after me never showed so I ended up doing two hours on The Chai Temple stage. I was drenched in sweat and rang in the new year right at midnight. Gracias to all the cool folks I've met over the years. Thanks for your hospitality and energy and love. I feel honored to know you. My travels have brought me to the far reaches of the world and my guitars have weathered the storms of airlines, trains, automobiles and just plain hoofing it. I hope you have a beautiful new year and it's filled with all the possibilities you could ever wish for and all your crazy dreams come true. You are love. Woo hoo! Yahoo! Yee haw! Let's go nutso magutso together in 2011. I send you hugs and crazy dance moves and peace and tranquility.

I'm gonna cram all the livin' that I can into every single hour of every day! Every single hour of every day.

Happy New Year people!

With love, Steven jj Poltz