Happy MLK Day

20140120-093449.jpgHello! I come to you with good tidings of peace on this MLK Day. I've been watching you crazy humans from a galaxy far away. You mean well but you keep getting it all wrong. One day it'll all be apparent but until then you need to do better. You already have the answers but you're just not seeing the forest for the trees. Focus on the bigger picture and the answers will reveal themselves. I can't talk any longer because I'm at work on The Planet Chidunga and my bosses are on to me. We live in the future and we know the answers but we're not allowed to tell you. Smile and breathe and then go about your day as if we never broke bread. Try to do one little good deed for someone you've never met. The ripples will ripple and the sound waves will ricochet and floating butterflies will do the rest of the work. It's so easy. It's so fucking easy. It's so easy that it's the most difficult thing ever but once muscle memory kicks in it becomes a beautiful habit. Happy MLK Day.

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