happy may to everyone

porky.jpgThe month of May brings good tidings to all of you out there in the world. Peace is on the way being delivered shortly in the form of a beautiful puffy white cloud slowly drifting in from outer space. People are dancing in parks all over the universe. Animals from different planets are aligning themselves with flowing rivers of love and bells and whistles are jangling in the distance. Tacos are free on street corners being handed out by men and women in long flowing robes to passersby from all ports. Folks of all races are melting their guns and taking up knitting. Dogs with wings are flying across the sky paw in paw with cats on magic carpets. Chocolate is good for you. Eat lots of it. I am eating it this morning and look at me. I'm happy and confused at the same time. Life is passing me by and I feel like I'm at a ticker tape parade watching the confetti swirl and dance in the wind like a perfect chorus line of floating worms. I see dudes in cowboy hats smiling at flowers growing out of cracks in the sidewalk while I eat more chocolate. Earthlings are swinging across the skies on a trapeze while vendors sell cotton candy to various warm hearted politicians doing good deeds for the planet. Horses are trotting down freeways speaking 7 languages to foreign cabbies and talikng about last night's beisbol game. Old ladies are giggling like school girls in the back of a church while looking at naked pictures in the new Dunkin Donuts employee calendar. Old men are whittling wooden stick figures and eating strawberry waffles while listening to Bob Dylan talk about The Bible and the bottle from a radio connected to a satellite beaming down upon us. The world is changing before our very eyes and all we are all connected to each other in some way whether it be telepathically or physically. Love still reigns supreme and can melt even the coldest of hearts. You better believe it baby. Hold on to your hope with the grip of the strongest person in the world. Don't let it go. Don't ever let go.