Happy Halloween from JoE PoLtZ

halloween.jpgMy Dad made a message for you guys to download and play at your houses and places of labor. click here to listen I quite like this message and I'm sure you will too. This is the type of thing I grew up with during Halloween when my Dad and Mom would answer the door to hand out candy. My Pop would be howling out loud and scaring the crap out of all the little kids. I had a great time in the midwest and I want to thank you for showing up in full force regalia. The show I did for Daytrotter was way cool. I want to thank Sean and his band of merry makers for making my stay in Rock Island Illinois one to remember. You see, I'm a little bit weird, I love discovering new towns to play in and now I am able to rock the quad cities. This is a good thing my friendly friends. The stuff they are doing at Daytrotter is really quite tasteful. They recorded about 8 songs of me playing live in the studio on to 2 track tape. The sound they get out of there is pretty high quality. I'll let you know when my session gets put up on line. The show at Sleepy Creek was sold out and they made me lasagna. How do I have a following in Fairmount Illinois? All I know is that I can't wait to go back and play another show. The people out in their neck of the woods sure know how to have fun. I think I went up to Milwaukee after Sleepy Creek. Yes, and then I got to play some of my favorite songs on WUWM and they let me pick out songs for an hour. Here's what I played and the order I played the songs in. Mini Skirt Esquivel and His Orchestra Esquivel: Cabaret Ma