Happy Father's Day Dad

father's-day.jpgHappy Father's Day Dad I remember when you took me to see the closed circuit television boxing match of Muhammad Ali versus Joe Frazier. There were all kinds of men there smoking cigars and drinking whiskey and watching the fight up on a big screen television. I watched with wide eyed amusement and took it all in. Was it 1971? I can't remember. Also- Thanks for coming to my little league games and watching me play baseball. Gracias for cooking me breakfast every morning and singing funny songs to me. Obrigado for making my lunch and putting funny artwork on the brown bags each morning. Tángeyoo for putting your hands on my temples and looking into my eyes and saying “you, can do ANYTHING!” Ta for paying for guitar lessons and always listening to my new songs. Merci for coming to my wrestling matches and if I would win really fast, standing up and saying at the top of your lungs “what took you so long?” Mahalo for writing all those beautiful, funny and touching poems and recording them and emailing them to me. They're amazing. Mèsi for teaching me to follow my heart and do what I love. A great lesson I still follow. Takk for always being there. Always smiling and providing light and love and laughter. Spasibo, Danke schön, Arigato, Dziekuje, Salamat Cám, Komapsumnida in any language Thank you I love you Steve