Happy Fathers Day!

20110619-012112.jpgHere's a way cool pic of my Dad in the 70s! Standing shirtless in the kitchen in Palm Springs. Happy Fathers Day Dear Dad, You're a gem, a bomb, a prince, a king and a gentleman all rolled into one. I got lucky in the dad department. You woke me for school and made my breakfast and packed a lunch in a brown paper bag complete with cool drawings of Tarzan and UFOs that you drew with different colors from a box of crayons. You helped me find my one left shoe each morning when I couldn't find it. You'd drive me back to Las Casuelas after a nice Mexican dinner and wait for me patiently by the dumpster as I climbed inside and looked for my retainer that I left on the table for the hundredth time. You must have the patience of a saint because anyone else would have gone postal. You've been a great husband to my mother (the woman you married in Halifax) for 54 years and counting. You kept us fed and and bought us clothes. You worked your arse off to provide. I honor you and thank you from the depths of my heart. I love you, Steve