Happy Birthday Joe Poltz!

20120312-101830.jpgToday Joe Poltz turns 82. He's my Dad. I love him. He writes poems and laughs a lot. He's super funny. Today I'm fixing to take him out to lunch in the desert. His parents immigrated to Canada from Hungary. Our name was originally spelled Polcz. The Canadian Immigration people changed it to Poltz. My Dad always provided for us. I was very lucky. He told me to never settle for a crappy job that didn't make me happy. I took his advice. Thanks for that Dad. One time when I was about 8 years old it was his birthday and I bought him a Monkees record. I was a huge fan of The Monkees and wanted that record for myself. Of course my Dad didn't care about Monkees but when he opened that present he deserved an Academy Award for his performance as a man thoroughly excited to get a Monkees record for his birthday. Like I said, I love him. Happy birthday Dad! Love, Steve Polcz