Hanging with Tim Flannery

20110620-094224.jpgGot to hang up in the bay area last night with Flan. First I went to The Giants A's game in Oakland and then we played a bunch of songs together at this amazing house concert thrown by Dave Bauer. Flannery opened the show with five or so songs and then I played a bunch and then we sang together well into the night. before the show he let me wear his World Series ring. Check it out

20110620-094647.jpg I put a lime wedge in my mouth an did my best Marlon Brando. I can't wait for the day The Padres win won of these. I may be 80 when it happens but mark my words, it'll happen one day. I'm so happy for Flan. His songs were so good and he's playing that guitar like a champ. Have a beautiful Monday! Love, Steve