Half way to half full ville

The new banner at the top of this here website was designed by Davis. The words are from a song we used to do in The Rugburns called My Whole Purpose On Earth (is just to kiss your ass) I actually wrote the song with Jewel years ago. It’s a really fun song to do live. I need to remember it but right now my head is hazy. I’ve been driving and now Modl is taking over. Hey- I have a blackberry pie in the van that I got in Oregon from Marty Tomaselli. I think I’ll eat it. I’m wigging. What was I just talking about? Oh yeah! The question mark! Who invented it? I like its shape. It’s the sexiest symbol ever. It always leaves so much possibility. We just stopped in Redding for petrol and now we’re flying down interstate 5 south. It’s definitely winter in Northern California. We blew through Weed California like it was a bong. I got out to take a leak on a tree and my balls froze and a bear laughed at me. If I were John Kruk, I would have said “my ball froze.” There’s a new podcast of This American Life. The second act in this week’s episode is heartbreaking. Wow! It’s about a guy who started a talk show in his bedroom and thought he was going to replace Conan O’Brien. It’s riveting and sad and funny and bizarre and beautiful. It’s episode #421 called Last Man Standing. Can’t wait to go to yoga on Wed morning. All this time in a can is making me loopy like spaghettiOs. I used to LOVE spaghettiOs. The sauce was ketchupy and not homemadey. Sort of chemical tasting. Now my palette has changed. I just like mac and cheese and kool-aid. I’m half way to half full ville. Ooga chocka ooga ooga ooga chocka. I can’t stop this feeling. Merci, Steve