Gypsy caravan

20111104-113044.jpgI sleep in the trailer being towed by the Jeep! It's cozy and it's freaking cold outside. I'm very happy with my sleeping bag I purchased at Adventure 16 in Solana Beach before I left. The guy told me it was great in 20 degree weather and he wasn't kidding. How the hell do they make these sleeping bags so warm? I'm wrapped up like a mummy inside and it's toasty. My whiskers are growing in nicely and I look like a hobo. The English people are so polite and lovely. I feel like a savage around them. Like an ex con. It's awesome. However, I'm slowly losing my edge and becoming more refined minus the dreadful whiskery growth and the trailer I'm towing and the fact that I peed in the bushes last night in the middle of a torrential downpour. But other than that, I dare say I love it here. By the time I return to America I shall have a silvery beard and I'll talk real funny. Be on the lookout for a man from snowy river or something like that. Maybe a man called horse. Last night's show in Wimborne was a hoot I tell you. I think I kind of scared the audience but I'm not sure. Sometimes I forget where I am. Everyone I've visited with after the show has been really friendly but they have a frightened look in their eyes when they speak with me.

Tonight we play in Great Torrington at The Plough Arts Centre. It's going to be the greatest show ever in the history of all shows in the timespan of the universe. I'm going to sing like a pretty bird freed from captivity. Today my name is Bird. I am free to fly where I choose and today I happen to be flying to Great Torrington. I'm going to see to it that they live up to the Great part of their name and if not, heads will roll. People will be hanged drawn and quartered. It's the drawn part that scares me the most. Yikes! No wonder Guy Fawkes broke his neck by diving off the platform. Who the hell wants to be drawn? Or quartered? Was Dexter on tv back then? Gotta run. Got some Hoyt Axton to listen to. Joy to the world, Steverino