Greetings from Canadia

shoesys.jpgLooking to assuage my angst filled fingers I trekked out to Taylor Guitars in a hurry before catching the steel bird that flew across the bumpy skies toward the east. Freshly repaired guitar arrived safely in Buffalo at the bewitching hour of midnight and we were happily reunited like two long lost friends who found each other through a missing persons website. Me and Smokey Joe- Smokey Joe and Me. Two pods in a pea- looking for a bowl to rest our weary limbs and strings. Smokey puts up with my puerile jokes and incessant plucking and pulling and yammering on. We are ready to rock Canadia this week with our mullets and acid washed jeans and ersatz speed metal. I wish I could have rented an 80's Camaro with a cassette player. That would be a splendorific awe-inspiring sight. Instead here I am in a grass field waiting for the sun to poke its shy little face from behind the clouds that threaten to leak with a bark that's worse than its bite. Waiting for Godot or at least a man named Vladimir to tell me what time sound check is. Then I'll be whisked off to Hugh's Room to sing songs for the denizens of Toronto and most certainly I'll repeat this act in other cities for the rest of the week until Smokey tells me it's time to return to home plate. Thanks for all of the comments and info regarding flu shots. I've decided to sit and wait and think. But until then, I'll wash my hands early and often. Yours truly, Steve