Greetings from Istanbul

tea rant

post Turkish bath chill zone

The tea here is strong. Cool dogs lazily roam the streets. The outdoor fish market has hungry cats for friends. Turkish people are proud of their country. The whole economy seems to run on tea. Tea shops deliver little glasses of tea to shop owners down the block served in real glass! People have conversations with one another. There's a real sense of community and a strong family bond. If you make an effort to speak a few words in Turkish, it goes a long way. You can go from buying a robe in a shop to being invited back into the house for a cup of tea with the whole family standing around you staring at you and smiling. I gave one shop owner a copy of my CD Dreamhouse and she immediately put it on and smiled a smile so big I had one those moments where time stood still. The world is a funny, strange and beautiful place. I'm a happy traveler.

P.S. I made best song ever on Chart Attack!