Grand Central

20140719-023343-9223939.jpgGrand Central Terminal is a front for ragged patrons selling carpets and Frankenstein memorabilia. It looks nice right now but there are ghosts and Ferrari dealers lurking in the foyer. Ahhh ahh Ahhh the everyday people.

It's time for sleepy time tea and time to dream. Time to climb tall buildings and parachute off through the low flying clouds made of misty caffeine laced Mountain Dew. Time for the lizards to crawl out of my brain and go back to hassling hamsters in the desert.

One day we're all going to play canasta together or hearts. You just wait and see. We'll bake cookies and tell stories of the good old days when we had paper routes and fixed the little engines on our lawn mowers while our parents watched with gazes of approval.

Our eyes will well up with tears as we remember our first kiss and the way our hearts pounded like distant drums or a blown out muffler. Lick the envelope and seal the letter. Tomorrow is a new day full of opportunity. Grab it.