Gothic Dolphins

20111224-100335.jpgI had a great time last night. I thought of Gothic Dolphins ruling an underwater roost with elaborate sea tunnels and channels and special dinners and dark music. Messages being sent telepathically to sentient beings so far away. A galaxy far away yet so close if you know the secret codes. The Gothic Dolphins know all the secret codes and I love them so much. Dolphins and seahorses for evah! Gothic Dolphins are so much like Godot always waiting and waiting and then participating. Last night on stage at Cheers I unleashed my inner Gothic Dolphin. It was a hootenanny and the sharks and the jets were there yet we all frolicked together as one. In the words of Stevie Wonder we said, "hello Jesus. Jesus children. Jesus loves you. Jesus children. Hello children, Jesus loves you of America." Even the dolphins sang along. The Gothic Dolphins. Go Gothic Dolphins go. Get your shopping done and smoke a cigarette at the mall outside in a tank with the other Gothic Dolphins. Some other things I saw last night.

20111224-101520.jpg This big man used me as weights and squatted me like a power lifter from the stage while I sang songs to The Gothic Dolphins.

20111224-101628.jpg I watched the ocean as the sun set and sank to the sleep chamber.

20111224-101735.jpg I wish you a glorious day wherever you are. Thanks to The Gothic Dolphins. And thanks to Sara Petite for playing last night. Truly amaze balls. Peace and love, S