Goodnight and Thank You

20110618-120123.jpgC'mon baby let the good times roll. Seaside is a fun gig the place has soul. I'm fixing to fall asleep and feel the rabbits chasing me. I'll say a prayer in a garden by a statue with vines swirling in the distance like they're God's fingers searching for something to grip. Love and only love and lo e and lo e and lo e. I need a v or three. The clock is past midnight and moon is lurking in the fog. The sandman has entered and is currently sprinkling sand and dust all about the room. I'll be in San Francisco at The Red Devil Lounge on Saturday which I guess is now here seeing as the clock keeps ticking.

Anyways, my show in Seaside was a hoot. I'll definitely be back. I guarantee it. Sweet dreams, S