Goodbye San Francisco and Golden Gate--- hellooo Seattle!

Thanks for coming out to The Connecticut Yankee in San Francisco the other night. It was weird at first when I noticed that the whole audience was naked but after a few songs it just seemed normal. I also thought it was strange when Fritz the Cat (the owner) started handing out fireworks and matches and whiskey, but after a few very large and loud explosions it seemed kind of neat. Just kind of. I was actually happy when the cops showed up. Just another night in Fran Sancisco.

Seattle beckons and I hear her cries so we're headed north. Hopefully the weather is genteel and welcoming on this rather long and arduous drive. We've got a full tank of diesel and clean underwear and dirty socks. Our minds are vast wastelands of nothingness. The Tractor Tavern is where I'll be Wednesday night at 8pm. Doors at 7. No opener. That's all I need to know. And I'm on a need to know basis. Yours in Laundry, SjjP